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Body snatchers and pillarboxes: Strange but true Manchester tour unearths city's secret past

Body snatchers and pillarboxes: Strange but true Manchester tour unearths city's secret past

| By Sally Acton

The Strange But True guided tours make a return to Manchester's streets next week to lift the lid on the 'body snatchers and pillarboxes' hidden in the city's past.

Manchester Guided Tours will lead tourists around the city and reveal strange history, mysteries and facts dating back centuries.

Visitors will be taken to the street where ‘body snatchers’ used to operate in Victorian times, hear all about how local Psychogeographers attempted to levitate The Corn Exchange and uncover the secret of the red pillarbox on Corporation Street.   

Elizabeth Sibbering  – better known as ‘Sibby’ – has worked as a tour guide in Manchester for the last five years.

“We do lots of guided walks that are about the history of the city and particularly the Industrial Revolution – but I really wanted to do a tour that was more entertaining and quirky rather than the obvious,” said Sibby.

“People walk past things all the time in Manchester and have no idea what they are really about – you’ll be amazed at what you find out.”

The walk – which promises ‘odd events, peculiar people and bizarre facts’ – begins at Manchester Visitor Information Centre on Portland Street and heads on an exciting trail around the streets of Manchester before ending near Victoria Station.

Sibby kept her cards very close to her chest about the details of the route – but she did reveal she has a number of interesting, strange and sometime scary facts in store about everyday life in the city.  

Sibby teased: “If you want to find out more, you’ll have to join the tour!”

The tour starts at 2pm on Friday April 4 and the tour is expected to last approximately 90 mins to walk the 1.5 mile route.

For more information or to buy ticket, visit their website.

Image courtesy of Phil Woodbridge with thanks