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Human Centipede 2 star to delight and disgust horror fans during Fab Café's night of 'terror' in Manchester

Human Centipede 2 star to delight and disgust horror fans during Fab Café's night of 'terror' in Manchester

| By Sian Wilson

The star of the vomit-inducing Human Centipede 2 will appear in Manchester’s Fab Café next Tuesday to delight and disgust horror fans.

Laurence Harvey, who plays a deranged security guard in the stomach-churning film, will be joined by indie directors Jill Sixx Gevargizian and Jerry Pyle. 

Fresh from the US, the two will be unveiling their nightmarish short films.

The night of terror is presented by Starburst Magazine, a monthly science fiction magazine.

Starburst is Manchester-based and we feel too many events are London-centric,” explained Starburst writer Martin Unsworth.

“With the BBC now based up here, we feel that should change, and hopefully, we will play a part in instigating that.”

Martin, who writes Starburst’s horror section, Horror Obscura, guarantees the night will be a huge hit for horror fans.

DERANGED: Laurence is far friendlier than his character in the film

“All of us at Starburst are looking forward to the night," he told MM.

"We think it’s great to be able to give independent filmmakers a platform and a chance to get their work shown.

“We are doubly lucky that Jill and Jerry are over here for FrightFest, so they can pay us a visit before heading home.”

Jill’s new short, ‘Call Girl’, starring Laurence, will premiere this weekend at the Film4 FrightFest.

Laurence plays Ed, a man who attempts to exploit his date night via video-chat then ends up sharing something much more disturbing.

Laurence, fairly unknown before his breakthrough performance in the Human Centipede 2, actually has a rich performance history, which he will discuss on the night.

“Although very terrifying on film and very unique-looking, Laurence is a lovely, friendly, highly knowledgeable chap,” Martin said.

“People are just going to fall in love with him, he’s so much fun and so down to earth.”

A surprise short film will be aired prior to Laurence’s appearance, which promises to bring the house down.

Jerry will be airing two of his shorts, including the UK premiere of ‘Service’, starring Denna Thomsen – a home invasion film with a twist, written, directed and edited by Jerry.

Also being shown by Jerry is ‘Burn’, his first film which debuted in 2011. Described as a ‘simple story of revenge’, this short was written and directed by Jerry.

SICKENING: The Human Centipede 2 featured extreme graphic content

As well as the chance to see some brilliant horror shorts, fans can meet the stars and directors for photos and autographs, and participate in a Q&A session.

Fab Café, located on Portland Street, is the world’s first television and movie themed bar, which opened in 1998.

The event will take place on Tuesday August 26, at 7.30pm. Entry on the night is free.

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Image courtesy of Six Entertainment Company via YouTube, with thanks.