Updated: Friday, 10th July 2020 @ 2:49pm

MM's Top Five... Christmas Movies on Netflix

MM's Top Five... Christmas Movies on Netflix

| By Lauren Dent

‘tis the season to be wrapped up in a warm fluffy blanket, next to an open fire with the lights down low, a cup of hot chocolate on the go and a Netflix film to kickstart the season. 

Here are Mancunian Matters top 5 Netflix Christmas films that are a must see for these colds winter nights.

The Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens puts her High School Musical days far behind her in turn for becoming the next holiday season princess. Between her last year’s “The Princess Switch” and the sequel, “The Princess Switch: Switched again,” Vanessa Hudgens has managed to squeeze in another holiday rom-com. When a medieval English knight is sent out to the present day on a quest by a mysterious day, it’s Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) , a teacher from a small town who stumbles upon him.


This Christmas film has been in the making for four years and happens to be Netflix’s first original animated feature, and a good one at that. In a faraway frozen town of Smeerensburg, a new postman, Jesper, befriends a mysterious bearded old man, Klaus, who enjoys making toys. Their unlikely bond creates a new era of holiday traditions and we soon come to learn that the movie is telling us how Santa Claus and his handout scheme came to be.

Let it Snow

Set on Christmas eve, this coming-of-age movie brings together a group of young people stranded by a snowstorm. It’s based on three linked stories and is probably a cliché, but a comfortable cliché at that because of the lovable characters, spirit of tolerance and generosity and some really funny scene. These high school students find their friendships and love lives colliding and come Christmas morning, nothing will be the same.

Holiday Rush

A Christmas story about the importance of family time around the holiday. When the successful New York Radio personality, Rush Williams (Romany Malco), loses his job just before Christmas, the single dad of four spoilt children has to downsize and go live with his Aunt Jo (Darlene Love) He must lead a simple lifestyle coming up to Christmas day, which isn’t up to the standard of his four materialistic children. A valuable lesson of bonding and family time is learnt, while the children become nice on their own.

The Grinch

The oh-so-classic “Grinch who stole Christmas” never gets old in our opinion. Jim Carrey, the nasty green creature who lives on the outskirts on Whoville, plans on ruining Christmas for all of the Christmas loving citizens who live in the town below. We most probably all know how it ends out, but when Cindy Lou comes to save the day and befriend the Grinch, our hearts flutter the same way they did all the previous years.