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“I’m really interested in how we travel through life”: The Lowry launch new exhibition

The Lowry has launched a new exhibition pioneered by artist in-residence Jo Lathwood.

The title of the show ‘Making Up’ is inspired by Salford’s history pre-containerisation, when ‘maker ups’ would package items from cotton mills and factories into boxes.

In response to this history Lathwood will be spending four weeks at The Lowry creating and dismantling a pathway, before re-shaping the wood into reusable boxes to be distributed to the local community.

Lathwood said: “I’m really interested in journeys and how we travel through life, physically and metaphorically.”

The exhibition places significant emphasis on sustainability; the materials are all repurposed from previous theatre shows and exhibitions.

The show will continue until March 3 and the gallery is free to enter Tuesday-Sunday until 5pm.

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