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Feya Mattis has created a platform for young Black creatives in the north. Photo by Leshaun Douglas

New platform inspires young black creatives in Manchester

A group of women is trying to inspire young black creatives in Manchester.

Feya Mattis, 23, the founder of Black in Fashion has created a platform for young Black creatives in the north. 

Accompanied by a team of seven who are also themselves creators, they are creating events and using Instagram to help and inform creatives of what is going on in the arts in the North and as a platform to showcase work.

Feya and Nicole revealed it  was created to bridge the gap between those who live outside London.

There is a scarcity of accessibility and opportunities compared to their London counterparts. 

It is often difficult to manoeuvre in the world of art when you’re not from London so these women are creating a space for people in the arts to navigate.

Feya said: “The North doesn’t get as much funding, historically, then the south. So in terms of opportunities, there’s not a lot. I think the role of black In fashion is different to what I thought it would be originally, it’s more of a community, a safe space for creatives. 

“We do want to do more things to help people in regards to black creative accessing jobs.” 

The creative sector is few and far between and as it forever grows you would think so would the opportunity but it’s extremely hard to get jobs in niche fields like fashion.

Manifesto created by summer for black in fashion. Photo by Leshaun Douglas

Feya has met a lot of cool people in Manchester and believes her friends inspired her to be creative and the creative world she discovered in Manchester is down to who she knew and her university fashion marketing course.

Nicole, originally from Birmingham said: “Manchester has a much more developed creative scene. I first moved to Manchester for university when I was coming into myself creatively so I didn’t really get the chance to experience Birmingham’s creative side whilst living there. 

“Manchester keeps me motivated and feeling current. It’s hard to explain but because there is so much going on I’m constantly getting inspired by the people I meet and the events I attend and the new barriers those around me are breaking.”

Over the years since I’ve been here the arts in Manchester have grown in the creative scene and there is a lot going on from fashion design, graphic design, visual arts, painting and music.

There are many galleries and exhibitions, there is always something creative going on in Manchester and these women are creating more creative spaces and events for black creatives.

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