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Niamos Hulme Hippodrome

WATCH: Nia Centre constructs recording studio underneath Hulme Hippodrome

Organisers at the Nia Centre in Hulme are in the process of constructing a new recording studio in the basement of the building.

The new studio will compliment the existing rehearsal and performance spaces that make the Nia the creative Hub and community lynch-pin it is.

Just in the time that the Hulme Hippodrome has stood, there have been three different social housing projects in Hulme, two of which were demolished as the conditions of the housing worsened over time (the back-to-backs and the Crescents).

Having such a historical artifact, therefore, is evidently of huge importance to the local residents.

And beyond that the Nia provides the community with an artistic venue and creative outlet, as it has done for 120 years, and it continues to be integral to the people and community of Hulme.

The weekly ‘jam sessions’, which are open to all, are will resume Thursday next week.

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