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From hoop to high wire: modern circus in Manchester and beyond

Circus arts have been growing in popularity in the performance industry over the last few years – and many people are getting involved recreationally.

There are a variety of ways to take part in circus arts and gain strength, flexibility and the satisfaction of mastering a difficult skill, and it has become an addition to today’s “Instagramable” fitness culture.

Manchester is home to Cloud Aerial Arts, a circus arts company with two studio locations in the city centre. They hold a variety of classes every day of the week ranging from pole and aerial hoop to acrobalance and gymnastics and welcome all ages and abilities.

But, the industry is still relatively unknown.

Megan Price, 34, an aerial instructor at Cloud Aerial Arts, said: I just think it needs to be more in the forefront. The people who know that we exist, they love it here, they come here, we have a great community.

“I just don’t think people know that you can come to Manchester and you can do these things.”

To find out more about circus and the diversity of the industry, read the rest of the story below:

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