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Bloodstock Festival 2023: Tortured Demon build on their Bloodstock legacy

Tortured Demon entered the folklore of Bloodstock in 2021.

Their set on the tiny Jagermeister stage led to the tent being briefly shut down due to the frenzy they brought with them.

Since that infamous set, they have had their first tour, released a new album and increased their reputation as a live band substantially.

Therefore anticipation was high for the thrash metal band’s set this year, which thankfully saw them graduate to the far larger Sophie Lancaster stage.

Despite their early morning start, Tortured Demon were met with a full-up and electric crowd as they clambered on the stage, and played a blinder of a set.

The band met this energy from the crowd well and were frenetic and high energy from the get-go.

They should be applauded for getting that many people (it was a lot!) to crowd-surf at 11:30am on a Saturday.

Their song Conflict of Interest was a particular highlight, with a great guitar opening and breakdown.

This was taken from their latest record, Rise of the Lifeless, available on all streaming platforms.

The band played various tunes from the album, including the title track, but Conflict of Interest stood out as a hidden gem for me and still does upon listening to the album on Spotify.

The band had turned heads in the past due to their young age, having begun playing together at a very young age – they still only have an average age of 19. 

Yet they play beyond their age, with great charisma and crowd interactions, tight infectious hardcore riffs and some really brilliant drumming.

I’ve read elsewhere that their crowd interactions were a bit “cliche” and cheesy, but the simple fact is that it worked. – the mosh pit never stopped for them.

A great set from a band who continue to climb up the greasy pole that is the music industry.

Their latest album, Rise of the Lifeless, is available on streaming platforms.

Images used with permission from Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

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