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World’s largest Banksy exhibition arrives in Salford’s MediaCity

The world’s largest Banksy exhibition has landed in Salford.

The Art of Banksy exhibition will be at MediaCity from 21 October to 8 January 2023, following a year in London and going around many cities. 

The exhibition has gathered 145 pieces from private collections across the globe to make the largest touring collection of authorised Banksy artwork. 

Banksy is known for his anti-authoritarian street art and the inspiration he takes from everyone from well-known figures like Diana, Princess of Wales, to artists like Marcel Duchamp and German painter and printmaker Käthe Kollwitz.

Some of the more recognisable pieces which visitors will be able to see include Girl with Balloon (2002) in three different colour variations and Flower Thrower (2003). 

Banksy has been able to keep his identity hidden from the public since the beginning of his career in the 1990s. 

The exhibition hosts many of Banksy’s iconic works.

All throughout the exhibition there are quotes from Banksy and informative signs on the inspiration behind the artwork.

There is a heavy focus on Banksy’s political stance and its influence on his pieces.

 Taibah Shah, a visitor at the exhibition, said: “I quite liked how Banksy’s art shows reality in our society and the exhibition’s atmosphere was very fitting to his message.”

Another visitor of the exhibition, who asked to not be named, said: “The environment and the atmosphere have been very pleasant, everyone has been filtering around and not bumping into each other.”

The exhibition also has a gift shop to visit after seeing the art, which has t-shirts, posters and postcards with the artworks on them, and also tote bags with the exhibition’s logo on it.

The venue is accessibility friendly, with wheelchair ramps to enter and exit.

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