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Bloodstock Festival 2023: The Dead XIII review

The Dead XIII showed a lot of promise, playing ferocious hardcore metal with a really unique and cool look.

The band have three albums and extensive touring, radio and TV play under their belt.

They played the New Blood Stage at 1.30pm on the Saturday of Bloodstock, having earned their way into the event through winning Burnley’s wing of the Metal to the Masses competition.

There were clear influences from punk on display, accompanied by big power chords, breakdowns and solos.

Furthermore, the band brought a good energy to accompany their punk sound and look, with tight musicianship and a decent stage presence.

And yet, despite having a good turnout, the disinterest from the crowd was unfortunately palpable during their set, as they attempted to get mosh-pits going to no real avail.

Their punk aesthetics and sound really would have been bolstered by a more raucous crowd.

Therefore unfortunately their set was made to feel a little awkward and flat, in spite of the talent on show.

The poor crowd hurt their set, but there was still good talent on display and with a more generous crowd, which you can usually rely on at Bloodstock, they would have lit the tent up.

All images used with permission from Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

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