Election 24

General Election 2024: Your handy guide to this evening’s timings

If you’re staying up tonight to see the election results come in, or plan to catch up on sleep before waking up at some ungodly hour and enjoying the reactions tomorrow, then use this guide to give you a picture of how the night pan out. 

The first time to be aware of is 10pm today (Thursday 4th) – this is when polls close, and it’s your last chance to exercise your right to vote. 

As soon as polls close, we’ll get the exit poll, our first indication of how the election has gone. Given the polls, almost everyone is expecting it to show a Labour landslide – but seat predictions for the Tories have varied between them clinging on to 150-ish seats, to a total sub-100 wipeout and Labour winning the largest majority of any party since 1832. Expect some dramatic reactions as reality sets it. 

But exit polls aren’t the real thing. The 2015 exit poll didn’t predict a Conservative majority, and 2017’s didn’t predict the hung parliament. And famously, in 1992, John Major surprised everyone by securing a majority despite exit polls predicting a hung parliament.  

The first results may start to come in from North East constituencies as early as 11pm, as they tend to be the earliest to declare. These seats have historically always voted for Labour, and will likely do so again – so don’t be fooled into thinking a host of Labour wins here necessarily means a total Tory wipeout. 

Results from across Greater Manchester will trickle in from between 2am and 5am (ish). Here’s the full list of estimates, according to Yahoo News.

Rochdale: 2.30am

Bolton North East, Bolton South & Walkden, Bolton West: 3am

Oldham East and Saddleworth: 3.30am

Bury North: 3.30am

Bury South: 4am

Altrincham and Sale West: 4am

Stretford and Urmston: 4am

Manchester Central, Manchester Rusholme, Manchester Withington: 4.30am

Cheadle: 5am

Hazel Grove: 5.30am

By 5am, the scale of Labour’s (probable) victory should be clear. There’s a strong possibility of some big names losing their seats, including current prominent Conservatives such as Liz Truss and Jeremy Hunt. Also keep an eye out to see if Nigel Farage finally succeeds in becoming an MP, if the Greens manage to win Bristol Central from Labour, and if George Galloway hangs onto Rochdale. 

By 7am, the full national picture will be visible. By the end of Friday, Britain will have a new government, new Prime Minister, and possibly no more Conservative party. 

Credit: Lauren Hurley/No10 Downing Street

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