General Election 2024 results: Labour takes back Bolton

Labour MPs now hold all three parliamentary constituencies in Bolton.

At 10pm the exit polls predicted all red for the three Bolton constituencies. 

Now, it’s clear the predictions were right.  

With two gains and one hold, Labour has dominated in Bolton. 

From breaking the hold the Conservative Party has had for almost a decade, to electing a first female MP for one constituency – and even a birthday sing-song – the Bolton election count turned out to be quite eventful.

Bolton South and Walkden 

Bolton South and Walkden was the first to announce the results, with Yasmin Qureshi securing a Labour hold.

Qureshi secured a Labour hold with 15,093 votes, followed in second place by Reform UK’s Julie Pattison with 8,350 votes. 

Qureshi had two reasons to celebrate today, firstly her win and secondly her birthday. The crowd even began to sing “Happy Birthday” after she was announced as winner.

In her winner speech, Qureshi said: “Like so many places, we have been let down for far too long by an out-of-touch Conservative government.

”That’s not good enough, and change is here.”

The Conservative Party came fourth in Bolton South and Walkden with 4,170 votes for Mohammed Azfal.

Voter turnout was 46.5 percent.

The results in full are:

  • Yasmin Qureshi, Labour Party: 15,093
  • Mohammed Azfal, Conservative: 4,170
  • Gemma-Jane Bowker, Liberal Democrats: 1,384
  • Julie Pattison, Reform UK: 8,350
  • Jack Khan, Workers Party: 4,673
  • Phillip Kochitty, Green Party: 2,827
  • Don Prof Reis Abraham Halliwell Prf, Independent: 433

Bolton West

Bolton West soon followed Bolton South and Walkden’s lead and another Labour win was announced. 

With this Phil Brickell ended the Conservative hold Chris Green has had on Bolton West since the 2015 general election. 

Brickell said: “I’m proud to run a positive campaign since the day I was selected.

“It’s no surprise that many residents simply feel let down by the government and have lost faith in the ability of politics to solve their concerns.

”I know that a Labour government will deliver on the promises made during this election campaign, rebuilding change one step at a time.

“Keri Starmer has changed the Labour Party, and now we stand ready to change the country.” 

Conservative candidate and former MP Chris Green believes that Labour now has a big task on their hands. 

He said: “Even though it’s clear that Labour is going to have a landslide victory there are very substantial challenges for Labour.

“There’s a huge challenge at the end of four or five years whether the country really buys into what they are doing or is quite shocked at the end of that Parliament and what they’ve done and it’s a big test for Keir Starmer to win the country over.”

The turnout for the election was 59.79%, compared to 67.4% in the last general election. This was the highest turnout of the three Bolton seats.

The full results are as follows:

  • Phil Brickell, Labour Party: 17,363
  • Chris Green, Conservative: 12,418
  • Donald McIntosh, Liberal Democrats: 1,966
  • Dylan Evans, Reform UK: 8,517
  • Vicki Attenborough, Green Party: 4,132
  • Patrick McGrath, English Democrat: 202

Bolton North East

Bolton North East was the final announcement for the Bolton constituencies – another Labour gain!

Labour’s Kirith Entwistle is the first female MP for this constituency and regained the Labour seat Bolton North East lost at the 2019 election. 

Entwistle received 16,166 votes – a majority of 6,653. 

The Conservative Party came second with new representative Adele Warren receiving 9,518 votes closely followed by Reform’s Trevor Jones with 9,428. 

She said: “This is a humble, warm and welcoming community and I am really proud to have been chosen to represent you.

“Thank you to the people of Bolton North East for electing me as your first female member of parliament. I certainly hope I won’t be the last.

“After 14 years of Conservative failure you’ve demanded change. Under Keir Starmer the Labour Party has changed and is back in the service of working people.”

The turnout for the election was 54.4%, compared to 64.5% in the last general election

The full results are as follows:

  • Kirith Entwistle, Labour Party: 16,166
  • Adele Warren, Conservative: 9,518
  • Rebecca Ann Forrest, Liberal Democrats: 1,507
  • Trevor Jones, Reform UK: 9,428
  • Syeda Misbah Kamzi, Workers Party: 1,463
  • Hanif Alli, Green Party: 4,683
  • John Partington, Independent: 254
  • Kevin Allsop, Independent: 345

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