Election 24

Historic Labour win in Altrincham and Sale West, alongside comfortable hold in Stretford and Urmston

The Labour Party has successfully taken the Altrincham and Sale West seat for the first time ever, while making enormous gains in their Stretford and Urmston seat.

When Sir Graham Brady agreed he would step down from Altrincham and Sale West at the next election, a huge opportunity arose for Labour and tonight they achieved the impossible.

After 27 years of Conservative hold on the seat, Connor Rand has successfully managed to overturn the area, in what has proved to be a momentous night for his party.

He said: “What an honour and privilege it is to be elected as the first ever Labour member of parliament for Altrincham and Sale West.

“Thank you to the voters here for putting their trust in our changed Labour party and thank you to those people who had always previously voted Conservative who voted Labour this time to turn the page on the chaos, division and decline we have seen.

“Thank you to those who voted tactically to ensure a non-Conservative victory, and a special thanks to those who’ve always voted Labour, even in the difficult times.

“Your faith in our party has been rewarded tonight.”

The candidates for the Altrincham and Sale West constituency

Alongside the impressive feat of taking Altrincham and Sale West, Labour also managed to strengthen its grasp on Stretford and Urmston – with a majority of 16, 150 votes.

Andrew Western, the winning Labour candidate, said: “This has been an incredible evening. Change was promised and change has been delivered – an overwhelming majority for the Labour Party.”

The candidates for the Stretford and Urmston constituency

The full results are as follows:

Altrincham and Sale West

Conservative: Oliver Carroll – 16,624 votes
Labour: Connor Rand – 20,798 votes
Liberal Democrats: Jane Brophy – 4727 votes
Green Party: Geraldine Coggins – 3699 votes
Workers Party: Faisal Kabir – 643 votes
Reform UK: Paul Swansborough – 4961 votes
Majority: 4,174 votes
Turnout: 51,646 (69.8%)

Stretford and Urmston

Conservative: Mark Cornes – 6492 votes
Labour: Andrew Western – 22642 votes
Liberal Democrats: Mark Clayton – 2216 votes
Green Party: Dan Jerrome – 4398 votes
Workers Party: Khalila Chaudry – 4461 votes
Reform UK: Charlotte Faulkner – 5485 votes
Rejoin EU: Jim Newell – 308 votes

Majority: 16,150 votes

Turnout: 46,170 (61.4%)

Featured images: William Comish

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