National Theatre’s Macbeth lands at The Lowry – and director Rufus Norris has put a modern spin on it

Macbeth is playing at The Lowry, Salford this week as the National Theatre brings one of Shakespeare’s finest works back to life.

The 19-strong ensemble responsible for adapting War Horse showcase their new spin on the 400-year-old play by setting it in the near future after a civil war has destroyed all mod-cons.

A London sell-out encouraged the show to hit the road, and with its cursed reputation and bloody storyline it needs no introduction.

However, director Rufus Norris hopes to make the play that’s taught in schools across the nation more accessible to a modern, younger audience.

He said: “Probably more than ever, young people understand the current poverty of leadership that’s going on and the nature of power.

“So seeing leaders having to make difficult choices under pressure in this play will hopefully make them feel it has a little more to do with the world they’re living in and certainly the world many other people are living in.”

Norris is also eager to stress that the foundations of Macbeth remain intact with the lack of modern societal structure and conveniences.

He added: “All the things that were true of Shakespeare’s Macbeth – set in 11th century Scotland in times of warfare like lack of trust, rebellion, survival – are still very much at the centre of the play.”

*Macbeth is playing at The Lowry, Salford until Saturday, October 6. You can buy tickets HERE.

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