Wander around alien-invaded Manchester as city crumbles in new video game

Prepare to enter a dystopian Manchester invaded by aliens.

This is the world created by Manchester based Pixelbomb Games in their latest venture Beyond Flesh and Blood – affectionately labelled as the ‘Blood King’.

Lee Blacklock, Pixelbomb Games director and the project leader, has highlighted the warning signs for a potential alien invasion.

“If you see the Mire growing close to where you live, move house as this is a definite sign that alien activity will certainly follow,” he said.

“If you do not have a powerful combat frame or any weapons I would recommend stealth and caution.

“I would say get yourself off the planet to the UGR space station and pilot a combat frame with your mind.”

To celebrate the game’s release, vials of fake blood will be given out in various locations across the city this Halloween weekend.

They include various stores in Afflecks, a Magneto developer conference at the Comedy Store and at Kraak Gallery in the Northern Quarter.

The game challenges players to blast through multiple levels of hostile scavenger forces on a mission to help reclaim the surface of the Earth – starting with Manchester.

Current levels include Deansgate, Albert Square and the Town Hall, with Mr Blacklock particularly excited about the area near the Arndale Centre.

Pixelbomb Games is an independent company established in 2011 that comprises of a team of exciting young and talented developers – some of whom are fresh out of local universities.

Mr Blacklock described the game as ‘a third person shooter with light platforming, light hacking puzzles, lots of gory over the top violence and fast-paced action’.

“Being developers based in Manchester we wanted to use our hometown as a backdrop,” he said.

“What we are attempting to do is actually create a re-imagined Manchester in a post-apocalyptic setting.”

The game will be released on PC later this year and the indie studio are aiming to cross platforms and release on XBOX One and Playstation 4 in 2015.

Beyond Flesh and Blood is the first chapter in a planned trilogy and Mr Blacklock has said they are already exploring ideas for other games that utilise the same universe.

A free hour long demo of the horror/sci-fi crossover game is currently available on the Pixelbomb Games website and can be downloaded here.

Image courtesy of Pixelbomb Games, with thanks

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