What are casino welcome bonuses and how should you best use them? 

If you are an avid casino gamer or have an interest in joining an online casino, then you should look to find out as much as possible about welcome bonuses, both in terms of what value they offer to you and which ones are actually worth signing up in order to enjoy. 

Online casinos are expanding in number at an amazing rate, especially in markets where they are becoming regulated (such as the several US states where legalisation efforts have proven successful).

Choosing one that is suited to your needs and trustworthy has now become something of a minefield. 

When it comes to finding the best online casino bonuses in the UK, the search is wide, not least because of the number of operators but also the vast difference when it comes to their reputation and quality of their services. 

Why Casino Welcome Bonuses Are So Useful 

A casino welcome bonus is effectively a prospective provider’s calling card; it’s their way of enticing you in so that you’ll sign-up, and then you become of value to them as a long-term customer. 

If used well, they offer you a chance to win real money, in some cases, but they are best seen as a risk-free opportunity to try out a new brand and see if it passes muster.

If you are new to online casinos, this is even more important as this may well represent the first time you’ve used such a service, and as such, you want the chance to take a look around without having to necessarily spend a single penny. 

Types of Casino Welcome Bonuses 

Online casinos have made a number of attempts to broaden the types of welcome bonuses on offer; indeed, they do likewise when it comes to sports betting, and therefore there are many types of them to look out for.

Here’s a short guide. 

Matched Deposit Bonuses 

As the name suggests, your opening deposit will be matched by the provider, which can amount to a serious amount of cash to play with.

So, for instance, if a brand offers 100% matched deposits, your initial deposit stake might be £100, and then the provider gives you the same amount on top.

Therefore, your £100 becomes £200, but you may not access the deposit sum until you’ve played through your initial sum, so check the small print before committing to this. 

No Deposit Bonuses 

This may well be the nadir of welcome bonuses, and as the name suggests, you (in theory) don’t even need to use any of your own money.

Here you’ll sign up and provide all your details, this information is hugely valuable to an online casino, and before you’ve even placed any funds on your account, you’ll be given a small sum to use on their platform.  

It is worth noting that in order to translate this no deposit bonus into real money, you may have to ‘play-through’ a number of times, and it could take quite some time (and success) before you actually earn actual money.  

Referral Bonuses 

These are not usually aligned to welcome bonuses but basically offer you a chance to earn money on your account for successfully referring someone to the brand you are signing up with. 

Free Spin Bonuses 

In this welcome bonus, which is usually paired with one of the first two types of bonuses noted, you will get a number of free spins (usually 50 or 100), and again this offers you a chance to try out the various spin and slot games available on the providing platform you are considering signing up with. 

When it comes to welcome bonuses, our advice is to make the most of them but to be very careful about reading the fine print.

Similarly, if you’ve signed up with a provider and used their welcome bonus, but are not satisfied with the service, do not feel compelled to remain a user.  

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