Unlucky for some – 13 Things You Should Know Before Going to Bongo’s Bingo

Bongo’s Bingo partnered with Southern Comfort to host ‘House of Boo’, bringing the spirit of Halloween in New Orleans to Albert Hall in Manchester.

Bongo’s Bingo hold events all year in cities across the UK, so here’s a brief survival guide for anyone wanting to upgrade from the village bingo hall.

  1. Get your glad rags on 

This was exceptionally true for Halloween night. All the classics were represented – pirates, angels, devils etc. but there were some exciting outliers like Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body.

  1. Protect your bingo card

Drinks are flying everywhere and with prizes ranging from a  Karaoke Machine to a Henry Hoover, you want to be in it to win it. 

  1. Be drunk 

Fairly self-explanatory. This was even easier than normal as Bongo’s Bingo had partnered with Southern Comfort. Everyone had a free Southern Comfort slushie on entry and they had specialist Passionfruit and Cherry cocktails. 

  1. No flash photography with drag queens

Drag Queens are not a guarantee at Bongo’s Bingo but if you find yourself lucky enough to be seated in the company of a Queen, make sure to get a picture.

  1. Bring a pint of milk and a spoon 

Coco pops took the place of confetti so if you come prepared there’s a snack to be had.

  1. Don’t wear heels – and work on your balance 

Everyone’s up on benches and tables so it’s a great excuse to give the manky Air Force’s one last trip out. 

  1. Be prepared to see some bum cheek 

As in be prepared, right now –

  1. Do some vocal warm ups

It’s only the cheesiest of cheese at Bongos Bingo. It must have been the only place in Manchester you could sing Last Christmas on Halloween night.

  1. Only shout bingo if you’re really sure 

Alcohol and counting is never a great combo, so bear in mind if you give a false call the whole hall will be set on you. It is something to enjoy when you’re on the side of the mob. 

  1. Prepare a dance routine 

If two people call Bingo then it goes to a dance-off. A solid twerking performance won one player £100, so having a few moves ready to go might be worth the hangxiety the next day.

  1. Watch your head

The latecomers to the Albert Hall were seated in the balcony and after a mass distribution of glow sticks it was every man for his or herself on the floor.

  1. Make space in your room for a cardboard cut out 

Life-size cut-outs seem to be a favourite prize, so save enough to get an Uber XL on the way home.

  1. Get ready to have a great time!

If you want a quiet night then Bongo’s Bingo isn’t the one for you – but remember you can have a quiet night when you’re dead.

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