‘Jared Leto is NOT a musician’: The Subways’ Billy Lunn says Oscar-winning Thirty Seconds to Mars singer is ‘anti’ rock

The Subways’ frontman Billy Lunn has created a rock ‘n’ roll storm by branding Jared Leto ‘anti’ rock and claiming Thirty Seconds to Mars are ‘all a smoke screen’.

Outspoken vocalist and gutarist Billy believes Oscar winner Jared Leto could learn a thing or two from rock greats such as AC/DC.

Referring to a past tweet about Thirty Seconds to Mars being ‘the antithesis to what rock music means’, Billy clarified what he meant.

“For me, and what I’ve heard, they’re not musicians, it’s all a smoke screen,” he told MM.

“Jared Leto living in a mansion in Hollywood, they don’t know what rock and roll is, they’re anti everything I got into music for.

“You’d just want Angus Young to swing into one of their shows on a wrecking ball and take them out and show you a real rock and roll show.”



Speaking to MM, Billy went on to talk about the sound which they are going for on their new album, and how they want to make ‘pure Rock and Roll’ for their fans.

“We’re actually regressing in sound,” claimed Billy when discussing what is on the upcoming record.

“We’re sounding more like our Young for Eternity days, maybe even before that.”

Their debut album Young for Eternity is perhaps their most punk-rock album to date and listening back to their previous records took Billy by surprise.

“We’ve been listening to our old demos and thought ‘WOW! We actually used to be so raucous’.

“This is what we are aiming for with this new stuff, going more towards the punk side.

“The songs are mostly about love, but the music is more frantic than it has been on the past two records.”

After forming in 2000, The Subways found fame after winning a headlining slot at Glastonbury and have played at venues across the country, including Manchester Academy.

Young for Eternity was released in 2005 before All or Nothing (2008) and Money and Celebrity (2011) as they now prepare for their fourth album.

For the newest cover, Billy admitted he will be producing, engineering and mixing the new record himself.

“We all have complete control over the direction the sound goes, so we’re just like ‘Turn everything up!’ the distortion, the vocals are just… LOUDER!” he claimed.

Fans will no doubt rejoice at this and they can expect the amps to be turned up to eleven at gigs to come.

On the subject of their early days, Billy referred back to seeing AC/DC in his younger years and the influence it had on him.

“Seeing Angus Young rise from beneath the stage wailing out a solo and going nuts is what made me want to be a rock star,” he confessed.

“And now that I get to do that myself I am just so grateful, especially towards our fans. It’s them who I go wild for.”  

The band is renowned for the rapport they share with their fan base and Billy said they put in as much effort as possible to show their appreciation.

“The key thing is the fans,” acknowledged Billy.

“This is why we do it. Charlotte (Cooper) says it all the time. We want to get people dancing, crowd surfing and sweaty.

“The best way to do this is to play a pure rock and roll show. It is everything to us, how we treat our audience, we respect them so much.”

With the first single to be released in May, and a few festival slots under their belts this summer, Billy mentioned they should be heading to the North-West soon for a few warm up gigs.

Reminiscing about past experiences of Manchester, Billy stated the magical feel he has for the city.

“Its days like this (sat in sunshine and a beer garden) that make me think of playing Manchester in 2006, sitting in Kro Bar opposite The Academy, getting a pint before the show.

“Taking in the atmosphere, the air where we were playing just felt magical.”

Fans in the North should certainly watch out for any upcoming shows The Subways may be playing, as they will hopefully experience the magic of Manchester once again.

Billy Lunn image courtesy of Eddy Berthier, via Flickr, with thanks

Jared Leto image courtesy of Rick Rowell / ABC, with thanks.

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