I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly! World’s wangers unite for first time ever at Salford haunted mansion

The world’s first Jelly Wanging Championships – where competitors are judged on how theatrically they toss their jelly – is coming to a haunted Salford mansion.

 which was the site for a 2005 episode of Most Haunted is to host the first World Jelly Wanging Championships on Sunday July 12, where competitors can hope to set a World Record.

The free event at Salford Manor House, Ordsall Hall, where an episode of Most Haunted was filmed in 2005, is based on the sport Welly Wanging, where competitors hurl a welly as far as they can.

However on Sunday July 12, wangers will not just be required to jettison their jelly as far as they can but as stylishly as they can, event organise Liz McNab explained.

She said: “Marks in Jelly Wanging are not just judged on distance like coarser sports involving cow pats or wellingtons.

“Wangers are judged on ingenuity and creativity as well.”

The Garden Party is being organised with the Friends of Salford Museums Association and hosted by Heart Radio Drive Time host Russ Morris.

Prospective wangers are asked to arrive at the event, which will be held from mid-day to four o’clock in the afternoon, jelly in hand (or bowl).

Regarding the finer points of technique, Liz explained that tools were allowed and reminded competitors that they may well feature in the next Guinness World Records book.

“We encourage both over-arm and under-arm wanging and the use of implements such as spoons is allowed under the rules,” she said.

“We will be offering, at the judges total discretion, prizes of toys from Jumbo Games and TOMY.

“And we will be setting a World Record for the tournament which we hope will be accepted by Guinness.”

The Garden Party is set to take place at Ordsall Hall, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of Margaret Radclyffe, whose family once owned the stately home.

The so-called White Lady passed away in 1599, and reports of her ghostly apparition have led to webcams being installed and even an episode of Most Haunted being filmed there.

It is unknown just how the spirit will react to the sport of Jelly Wanging.

Attendees can also look forward to hog roasts, traditional pies, and sweets which can be enjoyed along with some ale from Salford’s First Chop Brewery or a spot of Pimms.

Salford’s Music and Performing Arts Service will provide the soundtrack for the day, and other activities include a climbing wall, giant games, and a bouncy castle.

Liz added: “The weather is predicted to be fine and we are expecting a great day and a huge turn out – everyone is welcome.”

The garden will be open to explore during the day, and other attractions include a Birds of Prey Display from Wild Wings and a raffle featuring the chance to win a Year’s supply of Holland’s pies.

Liz also issued one final reminder to World Record Wanging hopefuls, saying: “Contestants in the Wanging please don’t forget your jelly!”

Image courtesy of Steven Depolo, with thanks.

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