Review: Rat Boy’s Truth of the Youth

With Rat Boy’s, aka Jordan Cardy, second album expecting to come out in 2020, his fans were given a taste of the artist’s new music when he released a new single called Truth of the Youth.  

The single – produced by Jordan and James Dring – is making waves. But is it worth a listen?

With the head-bopping main chorus infused with electric-ska beats and inspiration from punk, it’s no surprise that the single has gotten lots of attention, both positive and negative.

The artist has always taken an rebellious approach, seen in previous songs like Revolution, Fake ID and Follow Your Heart, with lyrics such as ‘this nation owes me a bit of compensation,’don’t think I’ll ever fall in line to the system,’ and ‘the police are aware, but no one really knows’.

In the new single there are equally rousing lyrics, such as ‘no one ever hear us scream,’ we’re the kids that your parents warned you about,’ and ‘sex drugs and violence the media love it’.

The unique album cover has received controversial opinions as Cardy took inspiration from Andy Warhol’s famous artwork of Marilyn Monroe but replaced the well-known actress with the American President, Donald Trump.

The image is printed on a vinyl suggesting the song may be released on other platforms.

The artist replied to an Instagram comment from a fan asking if it would be available on vinyl saying: “Not as a single but I’ll put it on vinyl as an EP soon hopefully.” This suggests more music will be released soon.

The 23-year-old singer from Chelmsford, Essex, has recently released clips on Instagram for the new music video reported to come out soon, taking an even more controversial approach including images of the new prime minister Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

Although the music video and album cover can be seen as provocative, the song is nonetheless catchy and gives an interesting perspective on Rat Boy’s own political views. The song appeals to a new generation and inspires them to stand for what they believe.

It is available to buy and stream on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.

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