Max Factor: Former reality star Vickers made up with Manchester return three years after X Factor

Former X Factor star Max Vickers returned to Manchester to perform at Piccadilly’s B Lounge last night – three years after his Old Trafford debut.

The Warrington singing sensation began his journey at Manchester United’s ground at the audition stage in 2011 – but narrowly missed out on a spot in the last-16 of the show after making it to Gary Barlow’s house.

Since being mentored by the Take That star, the singer-songwriter and guitarist has assigned himself to Prestige management, while experiencing big success via his YouTube uploads.

His time on the show along with internet stardom has given him the taste of success but he believes 2014 can be the year that things begin to take shape.

“This year I really want to start branching out to cities such as Manchester and Liverpool to get my name out there and experience the crowds,” said the 22-year-old.

“The performance at the B Lounge was special, the crowd seemed to know their music and were accepting of me – I thank them for that.

“I certainly hope to return to the city in the near future and I hope the crowd here want to see me come back.”

Max is experiencing a new chapter in his career but still has fond memories of his time on the ITV show, a period which strongly developed his talents in a matter of months.

 “Since the show I have been writing a lot of music and trying to find my own style along with the right producers who fits my music.

“When I first came off it, there were loads of opportunities and a lot of stuff coming in as people representing labels want to talk to you but you have to be careful and choose the right people to help.

“I have a good management team behind me now, we are producing some good work and working well together.”

Prestige has been paying Max to travel to London as he continues working with producers in order to create an EP to show to labels.

The record is the next step in his career – but one that Max feels could launch him onto the music scene.

“I have found my particular style now so it is just about focusing on that and really moving forward to make things happen.

“Along with completing the EP, I will be performing many more live gigs this year as I feel that experience is invaluable and I love that environment.”

This year could be one to remember for the gifted performer – but there is also another thing that Max one day hopes to do.

“In the future I want to be able to produce my own music as getting your own sound across is hard so it would be easier to do it myself,” he said of his plans to move from behind the microphone to the mixing desk.

“But I just need to take each day as it comes and do what I enjoy doing.”

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