Manchester Music Scene Podcast

Dave Haslam shares insightful anecdotes about his experiences with Tony Wilson and The Hacienda during this special podcast from Mancunian Matters

He explores the infamous Manchester Music Scene with reporter Finn Toal and drawing parallels to the emerging music scene, or if the past is just crippling the future. 

Haslam was a DJ at the famous Hacienda from 1986 where he also played the final night it was open.

He really pioneered the Madchester movement with his tunes and has now encapsulated all his experiences into five books.

Additionally, one of Manchester’s most exciting and talented bands Pyncher will be speaks to MM

After they released their brilliant first single ‘Dirty Feet’, the band have grown their following by playing all across Manchester in smaller venues.

They share how valuable these events are to developing the new music scene, as well as the atmosphere and pressure of playing in Manchester.

Link to podcast:

Music: Pyncher – Dirty Feet

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