Monster Jam 2019: Grave Digger’s Morgan Kane talks about his passion for monster truck driving

Adrenaline and diesel combine for an action-packed two days of monster trucks at Manchester Arena this weekend.

The world’s best monster truck and freestyle Motocross drivers will join forces to perform high-octane tricks and jaw-dropping stunts that will amaze everyone from young children up to grandparents.

Ahead of the big event on Saturday and Sunday (tickets available here), we caught up with Morgan Kane, one of the many drivers who will be appearing at the Manchester Arena shows.

Morgan hails from Currituck County in North Carolina And has been driving at Monster Jam for nine years.

Hey Morgan, can you tell us a bit about your team and the truck you’ll be driving this weekend?

I am the driver of the Grave Digger Monster Jam truck. I have a background in soccer and have competed at the top collegiate level in the USA. I began my career as a Monster Jam driver in 2010 and love travelling the world – I’ve competed in 18 different countries!
How did you come up with the design behind the Grave Digger truck?

Grave Digger was created by Dennis Anderson in 1982 and began as an old junk mud truck. Over the years, the Grave Digger name has become the most feared Monster Jam truck in the world. To this day, we still add tombstones to the graveyard scene on the side of the trucks.

What’s the diet like for a Monster Jam driver? Any pre-show rituals to keep energy levels up?

It’s tough to stay fit and compete at the top level when travelling on the road. The morning of the show begins with coffee and a full breakfast, followed by a snack before the Pit Party, and a good meal about two hours before introductions. It’s vital to have the energy when trying to wrangle a 12,000 lbs. Monster Jam truck.

The Monster Jam World Finals XX will be May 10-11, will you be competing this year?

I will be headed to the Monster Jam World Finals in Orlando, FL next week to compete for a Monster Jam World Championship. The trick is to stay calm and stick to what you know.

The international tour has stopped at South Africa alongside the UK and Europe. How does it feel to be on the road and get to visit different locations?

Travelling is my favourite part of the job. For the last couple years, Monster Jam has expanded into new markets to bring family entertainment to new audiences. All the places I’ve learned about in history classes and read about in books, I’ve had the chance to see in person. It’s amazing.
How do international fans differ from those back home?

International fans are still really excited to see us but have a different way of expressing their emotions. I love meeting new fans and showcasing our skills all over the world.

For someone who may have never seen a Monster Jam show before, what can they expect?

If you’ve never experienced Monster Jam, expect the unexpected! It’s a wild ride with the largest motorsport in the world and exciting action the entire time! Get the family ready for an unforgettable experience with Monster Jam!

Monster Jam 2019 will take place at the Manchester Arena on May 4-5, with tickets available here starting from £17.60 each.

The Monster Jam 2019 tour will also stop at Cardiff on May 18 and Coventry on June 8.

You can follow Morgan Kane on Instagram and Twitter.

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