Manchester’s bustling art scene is thriving! A look at why things are going from strength to strength

Manchester is notorious for its incredible art scene, including three different galleries and even art painted over walls in places like the Northern Quarter.

Art is the expression of a person’s imagination and talent. It enables someone to explore everything that they think and feel by share their unique perspective.

Indeed, it also allows others to explore their own mind by viewing the art and interpreting it.

In the city centre, Manchester Art Gallery features some of the best artwork in the world. The main premises were built in 1823 for a learning society and the gallery finally opened in 2002 after a big renovation.

These days it includes over 25,000 objects.

The Whitworth Art Gallery is located in Whitworth Park and is part of the University of Manchester. It re-opened in 2015 after a £15 million redevelopment and includes around 55,000 pieces in its collection.

The space is a great place to visit, being suitable for all ages with parkland right next to the gallery for younger children. Needless to say its stunning refurbishment has caught the attention of many tourists.

Along with the captivating art galleries, Manchester also includes many amazing artists.

Len Grant is a photographer, writer and sketcher. His recent work includes sketches of Rusholme. He states that the most satisfying thing about his job is ‘being able to give voice to those who are infrequently heard’.

Meanwhile, Andrew Brooks is an artist, photographer and film-maker who uses photography, film and digital technology as a way of seeing the world. He states that his aim is to ‘capture the forms and rhythms of nature and the city.’

Hilary Jack, an art activist who aims to comment on societal issues and to show the impact of human activities on the planet, is another celebrated name in the city.

One of her works, Host, includes plants that grow in urban areas, emerging from buildings and pavements and was a part of the homelessness movement.

The streets of Manchester are even filled with art, with graffiti artists painting the walls – one of the most famous ones being Akse. Akse is a famous French street-based artist who painted a portrait of David Bowie and an extremely realistic paining of Prince in the Northern Quarter.

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