Women in Comedy Festival: MM chat to Susan Murray ahead of her How Not To Die in A Plane Crash show

As part of the Women in Comedy Festival 2019 held in venues across Manchester, Susan Murray will be performing her show How Not To Die in A Plane Crash this Saturday.

Combining her fear of flying and her obsession with plane crash documentaries, Susan has created a show that weaves dark humour and personal anecdotes together.

MM spoke to Susan ahead of her performance at TriBeCa this Saturday. 

A show titled How Not To Die in A Plane Crash certainly creates a bit of intrigue and Susan explains how the show was inspired by her phobia and the survival tips she’s learned through her binge watching of aeroplane disaster documentaries.

“I’ve watched a lot of air crash investigation, and I’ve worked out various ways of staying a little safer on planes, so I’ve worked out some little [survival] secrets,” she said.

Hinting at the dark humour you can expect from the show, she’s quick to point out that some flights will end in doom and there’s no hope for the “catastrophic [flights] that are unsurvivable…we have to be realistic here and I’m not actually God.” 

Susan’s show will appeal to those who are fascinated by life threatening situations, because, after all, “We’ve all got our favourite plane crash.”

The show is not just about aviation disasters however.

“It’s not just all about plane crashes, there’s personal stuff in there, there’s relationship stuff…my life philosophy…other things do leak into it.”

Branded by Susan as a “docu-comedy”, the show promises to be full of factual and historical information with plenty of jokes too.

“There’s light and shade, and laughter and there’s some shocking things in there…it’s a really interesting show and you do learn stuff as well.”

The show was well received at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, an experience which Susan describes as “fantastic”. People were drawn in by the concept, which Susan believes that everyone can relate to.

“Even if they don’t say that they are scared of flying, I don’t believe them!” 

She makes a valid point, I mean who doesn’t get a bit nervous during take-off and landing? 

The Women in Comedy Festival is a celebration of female comedians and Susan is excited to be part of it.

“There’s a great bunch of girls on [and I] know most of them so it’s just a good thing to do.”

How Not To Die in A Plane Crash will be an informative and hilarious show whether you’re scared of flying or not. Since it’s on at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, Susan advises you to fit it in between your weekend activities.

“You can go shopping and then you can come to my show and you can go for some dinner and then you can get home early and stay out of trouble,” she jokes.

How Not To Die in A Plane Crash is at TriBeCa on Saturday October 5 at 4pm.

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