DMA’s at the 02 Victoria Warehouse: A special return to a spiritual home

It seems bizarre to describe a Manchester gig from a band hailing from the Sydney suburbs as a homecoming. 

But the DMA’s hold a special affinity with this city and it’s music lovers have long since adopted the Australian rockers as their own. 

The pandemic ceased hopes of a huge Castlefield Bowl summer party but three consecutive nights at the Victoria Warehouse made up for such disappointment. 

Wednesday, the last of the Manchester shows before the trio headed south on their expansive UK tour, was a triumphant finale in their spiritual home. 

When the unassuming Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason and Johnny Took, first arrived on these shores, fans connected with their raw Brit-Pop inspired hits.

But they are now taking their evolved and accomplished sound on to huge venues and reaching new audiences with a mix of indie anthems, electronic bursts and high charged dance tunes.

Latest album ‘The Glow’ has taken the trio to the next level and ‘Never Before’ was the perfect opener to this expansive and exciting set. 

Every word of the album-title track was then sung back to buoyant lead singer O’Dell, who’s live voice mirrors his in-studio brilliance. 

‘Dawning’ and ‘In the Moment’ hit the mark before O’Dell showcased the full range of his elegant vocals in crowd-favourite ‘Silver’. 

‘Life is a Game of Changing’ and ‘Criminals’ were warmly embraced by a varied crowd and it was clear the three-piece had united more than one generation of music lovers.

Fans marvelled at the acoustic majesty of ‘Emily Whyte’ and the thundering ‘Hello Girlfriend’ soon lifted the mood to fever pitch. 

DMA’s spent the dark days without live music perfecting their own passion project of a vibrant new EP and less known ‘We are Midnight’ and ‘Junk Truck Head F***’ did not dampen the atmosphere.

‘Delete’, released seven years ago, helped elevate the band to UK prominence and dozens of fans took their chance to embrace the band on shoulders for the stomping sing-along. 

‘Play it Out’ brought unparalleled energy as Mason and Took boasted their abilities with a roaring outro. 

It was a matter of seconds before the trio returned for an encore that included The Glow’s ‘Appointment’, the ever popular ‘Lay Down’ and the closing ‘Feels like 37’.

This supercharged 18 song set had everything; for those sweaty in the moshpits and the purists afar. 

DMA’s are now the complete package and a regular slot as UK festival headliners beckons.

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