Antwerp Mansion host wintry fundraiser for Homeless Film Festival

The Homeless Film Festival is launching a wintry fundraiser featuring creative talents from across the North West at Manchester’s Antwerp Mansion next week.

The UK charity, which screens films from all around the world in aid of the homeless, hosts an evening crammed with bands and DJs on Wednesday December 10.

Yorkshire band Skinny Living, who toured with Jake Bugg, will headline the bill of bands along with Manchester Ska groups, The Uplifters and Mancheska.

Wigan’s Liberation UK round up the line-up, with upcoming Manchester DJ’s Josh Kowa and Randy Kwandi taking up the decks.

Clare Cummings, an MMU graduate volunteer who helped organise the fundraiser with fellow graduates and students, said: “When I first heard about the festival, I thought it’d be such a nice thing to get involved with.

“I think people don’t always think about the reasons why people can be homeless, it can be quite scary to think about and the festival gives people a chance to learn skills and find different ways to deal with their issues.”

The Mansion’s upstairs gig room will showcase a handful of art pieces from upcoming artists, providing opportunities for guests to buy them, with all proceedings going to the charity.

The charity’s annual festival stopped off at Manchester’s Dancehouse and at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) on its nationwide tour last month.

Ms Cummings said: “Our main aim is to raise awareness of the festival, as it’s not well known, it is so important to get people talking and of course, we want it to be as fun as we can.”

The Homeless Film Festival is the first of its kind and aims to tackle some of the core issues of homelessness such as lack of aspiration, qualifications and self-confidence.

The festival opens doors to the homeless to take part in courses and steer them back towards the working world and integrate back into society.

The event will run from 9pm-3am and tickets are available for the event here: http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/Antwerp-Mansion/The-Homeless-Film-Festival-At-Antwerp-Mansion/12280856/

More information on the charity can be found at homelessfilmfestival.org

Check back next week as MM interview some of the homeless people that have had their lives changed by The Homeless Film Festival.

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