Entertainment for all: Why gambling is so popular in the UK

In the UK, almost 50% of people have participated in some form of gambling.

There is no doubt that gambling is continuining to increase in popularity every year, and there are more ways than ever to place a bet.

Within sport particularly, fans of football, rugby and a host of other sports are making the most of mobile gambling in UK to support their team and have a flutter.

Mobile gambling has become increasingly popular in the UK, particularly for sports fans who want to back their team on the go.

In recent years, mobile gambling has overtaken gambling as the most popular form of the past time, in an industry now worth billions across the world.

It couldn’t be easier to place a wager on your favourite team, and it is clear where the smart money is going in the Premier League this season.

Manchester City are currently eight points clear in the title race, and they have been backed by millions of pounds in the betting markets.

When considering why gambling continues to thrive, it’s clear that even the old favourites have remained popular, as 85% of bingo players still play in person at bingo halls up and down the land each week.

This is an impressive 6% increase since 2015, and shows how popular this nostalgic pasttime remains in househoulds throughout the UK.

Yet mobile gambling using a phone or a tablet remains a rapidly increasing market, with 43% of regular gamblers using either device for their gaming, marking an astounding 10% rise over the past two years.

When allied to the fact that 97% of gamblers do so from their own home, this makes it even clearer just how important mobile gambling has become in society.

The age gap can definitely be identified as a determining factor in this remarkable shift towards betting at home or on-the-go, with under-25s more likely to be tempted by adverts and posts they see on social media each day.

Sites such as Facebook and Twiter have become particular hotspots gambling, as young punters see deals and offers and take advtange of them instantaneously.

When looking at the popularity of gambling by gender, 53% of men gamble, while just 44% of women do, demonstrating a definite disparity in betting activity between the two.

When you consider that 17% of people have gambled online, this outlines just how ingrained and vital to our society gambling has become in the UK.

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