Workplace murder mystery: an alternative for the 2020 office Christmas party?

With the office Christmas bash facing the axe this year, one theatre group has an exciting alternative: a digital whodunnit, taking place in offices across the city.

While Christmas party shenanigans often push the boundaries, murder is not usually on the cards, but District Theatre’s 80s cops-themed proposition presents you and your colleagues with just that.

Murder on the 28th Floor will see a group of actors as detectives clad in wigs and fake moustaches take over the workspace you left eight months ago as you and your colleagues try to solve the crime from home.

Will there be a body in the photocopier room? Or under the boss’s desk?

Artistic director Christian Loveless said: “We open the show and, bang, there’s been a murder in your office.

“It a 35-minute whirlwind through, with lots of audience interaction.”

District Theatre was first approached by a law firm in London who wanted to see if they could create a light-hearted, social show for them, tailored to their office.

That was a success, and the concept has since rolled out in Bristol, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

The Liverpool and Manchester shows will be associate productions with Teatro Pomodoro, an award winning international theatre company.

Mr Loveless said: “We wanted to make a show that would make the Zoom platform an advantage rather than taking anything away, and by using multiple laptops we realised we could do a scene-change in a second.

“The concept for the show was just a combination of what we thought would be the most fun – 80s-style cops, very high stakes, montage music and epic corridor chases – but in the very ordinary setting of an office block.

“It’s very much not taking itself seriously.”

Co-artistic director Marie Hamilton said: “It’s so important to laugh, no matter how dark things get.”

The show, which companies can books on demand, will run until January 29 next year. Prices vary depending on the number of participants.

Visit www.districttheatre.co.uk for more information.

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