What to watch in honour of Black History Month

October might be the start of the miserable, cold weather but it also marks Black History Month.

Why not spend the cold evenings watching something in honour of Black History Month? We’ve got you covered with a helpful list, with a mix of documentaries, films and tv series.

  1. 13th (Netflix)

The documentary delves into the discussion of racial inequality, justice and mass imprisonment in the US. It is titled after the Thirteenth Amendment. 

  1. When They See Us (Netflix)

A 4-part series based on the 1989 Central Park jogger case, exploring the lives of the five male suspects who were falsely accused and prosecuted. 

  1. Dear White People (Netflix)

The comedy-drama film follows the lives of black students at a fictional prestigious Ivy League college as they face racial tensions.

  1. I am not your Negro (Amazon Prime)

The documentary is based James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript. It navigates through the history of racism in the US as well as Baldwin’s personal reflection of American history.

  1. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Netflix)

William is a young boy who comes from a family of farmers who live in the Wimbe village. William creates a plan to build a windmill to power an electric water pump to save his village from a draught.

  1. Just Mercy (Sky and Now TV)

Just Mercy is based on a true story, where a young lawyer is determined to reverse the wrongful conviction of Walter McMillian, who had been imprisoned for murder despite evidence proving his innocence.

  1. Da 5 Bloods (Netflix)

Four African American vets return to Vietnam in search for their squad leader and the gold fortune he helped them hide.

  1. American Son (Netflix)

An estranged interracial couple wait for news on their son who uncharacteristically went missing. The film explores how race, gender and class play a part in police systems.

  1. If Beale Street Could Talk (Amazon Prime)

The film adaptation of Baldwin’s novel follows a woman who seeks to prove her boyfriend’s innocence after he is falsely accused all before the birth of their child.

  1. 12 Years a Slave (Netflix)

Solomon Northup is a freeborn who is abducted from New York and sold into slavery. The film is an adaptation of Solomon Northup’s memoir of his real-life experiences.

  1. Rocks (Netflix)

This British coming-of-age drama follows determined ‘Rocks’ as she and her brother fend for themselves when their mother abandons them, with the help from her best friends.

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