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One man production of King Lear comes to Manchester next week

A one man production of King Lear is coming to Manchester this month.

The eclectic, inventive production will be featured at the Waterside Theatre in Sale.

The play is adapted and performed by Paul Morel, an actor from the Oddbodies production company who also adapted the play, who are renowned for their off-kilter approach to theatre.

This irreverent take on King Lear is no different, with the entire story being told from one perspective: King Lear’s long suffering fool.

Armed only with a drum, a guitar, and a chair, Morel aims to take us through 15 characters – all in the space of 79 minutes.

An impressive feat, no less, but layered with the fact that these extra characters are being played from the perspective of the Fool himself, making it a play within a play.

“I was teaching this play a few years ago and became absolutely fascinated with it and ultimately the characters,” said Morel.

“I was intrigued by the idea of documenting Lear’s, essentially, descent into madness from the perspective of one man, which is how the play began to take shape.”

The play was first introduced to widespread acclaim at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2019, before going on to tour the UK until the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on it.

When asked about his return to the stage, Morel said: “It’s important for us all to get and get back to life as we used to live it. You do wonder if people have gotten so used to staying at home that it’s now difficult to make the effort to get back out there. But Going out to really experience live music and live performances is so worth it.”

And for those who are unsure whether the Bard is something they’ll enjoy?

“You are getting a full experience of King Lear presented by one man. It’s extremely accessible, and hopefully you’ll come away with a new-found appreciation and understanding of it,” said Morel.

The event is on the 11th November. Tickets are £12 regular/£8 students and can be purchased on the door or here.

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