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Wellness Centre in Greater Manchester taking a different approach to mental health

Cheshire Wellness Centre opened its doors three years ago to help those struggling with their mental health.

Providing a wide variety of wellness treatments and holistic therapies, the centre supports people on their journey to mental wellbeing.

Founder Bob Baker suffered from mental health issues and has looked to support others by looking to provide an easier journey than the one he went through to mental wellbeing.

He said: “We could all either hit the bottom or get near the bottom. And we can do one of two things: stay at that level or look to get help and improve ourselves.

“When my mental health was gone and I was having breakdowns and using alcohol as my medication, I, like most men, didn’t know I needed help; I just thought I’d get through it and it would go.

“What made me get help was the realisation of the impact that it was having on my family, waking up and realising that if I continued, I would lose my wife and kids because I couldn’t expect to put up with what I had become.”

Many things can lead to a strain on our mental health, from stress at work to the cost-of-living crisis.

And Baker believes everyone is unique, and this feeds into his approach to mental health.

He said: “Counselling is very individual.

“We will always have issues, but it is how we deal with them by having the coping mechanisms to help.

“I now have the treatments in place to help people, and looking back, I know that it would have been great on my journey when I sought help.”

An individual may still find it difficult to inform employers about their mental health struggles, as it may be perceived as a weakness.

So, in order to combat this, Cheshire Wellness Centre is working with corporate clients to help improve the mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Baker said: “We want to support business by partnering with them to visit companies to help offer employees sessions should they want without judgement and see how it helps mental health in the workplace and to make it a monthly thing.

“We spend more time at work compared to anywhere else in our daily lives, so reasonable adjustments to our work are necessary, but the right adjustments can help our mental health massively.

“We want to provide education support and advise businesses on the meaningful adjustments they can make to help support their staff. And then it is up to the individual employee to utilise the support being given by the company to help themselves.”

Having sponsored a recent 12-hour charity football match to raise money for men’s mental health, the dedication to support this cause.

Located in Lymm on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal, the centre is dedicated to supporting those seeking help.

Baker said: “The beauty about here is that because we have such a diverse range of therapists, from phycologists, counsellors, and hypnotherapists right down to holistic, there is something for everyone depending on the stage of their journey.

“We are here to provide you with all the help, the techniques, and a safe place to improve, but the work comes from within.”

Should you wish to reach out to the Cheshire Wellness Centre, you can do so by calling 01925 752682 or visiting the website through this link.

Feature Image: Tumisu, Wikicommons

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