Travelling Band plead for return of stolen tour van with £25K of ‘irreplaceable’ gear

A tour van containing £25,000 worth of ‘irreplaceable’ equipment was stolen from a Manchester band this morning.

The Travelling Band’s vocalist Adam Gorman had his house broken into during the early hours, which resulted in thieves taking the keys to the vehicle.

The van was last seen heading towards Bury on police cameras at 1.30am.

All of the band’s equipment was stolen and the haul included several guitars and a drum kit as well as the band’s amplifiers and effects equipment.

The band have now askesd for any help they can get in finding the distinctive royal blue jumbo Transit T350 splitter with orange beacons on top and registration BJ53 RPX van.

Band member Jo Dudderidge appealed to whoever took the van.

“We just plead with them to give it back,” he said.

“Some of this stuff is just irreplaceable due to the sentimental attachment to it.

“To put it in to perspective we’ve been in a band eight years and some of this equipment has been collected since the members started playing.”

To add insult to injury, the band’s equipment wasn’t insured, further increasing their desperation to get it back.

Jo said: “We can’t do any gigs anymore. It wasn’t insured, we are sort of in the shit. We are just hoping something happens.”

The band is circulating a list of their stolen instruments, in the hopes of possible recovering them and to prevent them being sold on, which you can view by clicking here.

Taking to their Facebook page the band said: “As you can see it’s a lot, and we’ve spent much of our lives collecting it. Still in shock.”

Anyone with any information about the instruments or the van should contact the band or the police.

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