Gig Review: The Charlatans at Victoria Warehouse

Manchester favourites The Charlatans showed they were still as energetic and youthful as they were in the 90s with an unforgettable performance. 

The Charlatans celebrated their 30th anniversary since the release of their first album Some Friendly with a nationwide tour.

However, due to delays with Covid-19, the tour has been rebranded to their 31st anniversary, with 30th being clumsily scribbled out on the poster.  

They took to the Victoria Warehouse on Saturday, December 4. 

The band was highly associated with the Madchester scene and with lead singer Tim Burgess being born in Salford, the concert felt as if the alternative rock band was performing to their home crowd.

In typical Manchester fashion, the rain and wind battered the city but that didn’t dampen the mood of the crowd. 

As, when Burgess entered the stage with his striking bleached blonde bob to an eruption of applause and cheers.

The lead singer filmed the sold-out Victoria Warehouse filled with 3,500 euphoric Mancs.

Despite a disinterested opening response from the crowd, the heavy organs of the introduction of Weirdo instantly brought the concert to life after four songs. 

From then on Victoria Warehouse was under the trance of the lead singer, and the rhythmic thrust of his hips. 

Constantly, Burgess raised his arms to embrace the boisterous reception he received from Manchester.

It was a night where the crowd consisted of a wide variety of age ranges and couldn’t help but dance for the whole 90 minutes.

Throughout the performance, the backdrop was compiled of videos and pictures which shed light on their turbulent but successful time as a band. 

Since then they have had an illustrious career, releasing 13 top 40 albums, three being chart-toppers.

The best response of the night was when the introduction to One To Another ringed through the warehouse. 

The energy from the crowd was matched by the band on stage, which created an electric atmosphere in the warehouse. 

Then, the final three songs before the encore left the fans desiring more.

Popular songs, The Only One I Know, North Country Boy and How High were consecutively played by the band.

Screams and cheers erupted from the crowd when the band teased us with the introduction to The Only One I Know as we were all aware we were in for a spectacular performance… and we were right to assume. 

It all closed off in typical Charlatan style with fan favourite Sproston Green.

Their extended play of the song amplified through the cavernous venue with guitarist Mark Collins and keyboard player Tony Rodgers gave everything they had left to seal off a memorable performance by The Charlatans. 

This tour was not only a celebration of their anniversary as a band, but a homage to founding members who passed away, Rob Collins, keyboard, and Jon Brookes, drummer. 

Burgess later took to twitter to share: “Yes Manchester. Best night in a long time.”

The band managed to roll back the years to deliver this performance, leaving the audience feeling the same way

The Charlatans playing to their home crowd

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