Jugglers appeal for your crummy crockery ahead of ‘smashing’ Lowry show

The Lowry is appealing for hated crockery donations ahead of an award-winning show at the Quays theatre next month.

Smashed, performed by Gandini Juggling, is a bizarre mix of dance and juggling that requires unwanted crockery – for smashing.

With the artistic direction coming from two of Europe’s most prolific choreographers and directors, Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala, audience members should expect to witness a somewhat unique collision of theatre and circus.

Steve Cowton, Head of Theatre Operations said: “Without giving too much away about the show – although you can probably guess from its title – it won’t be possible to return these items after the show!”

The performance will also feature 80 apples, nine performers and require up to four tea sets.

Steve explained to MM how he plans to use a like for like deal to secure his quirky request from anyone who wanted to get rid of their not so Royal Doulton.

“In return I’ll offer a free pair of tickets for anyone whose crockery gets used in the show,” he said.

“Perhaps you inherited some odd cups and saucers that you’ve always secretly hated – and you can’t think of anything more satisfying that sitting in the Quays Theatre on a Sunday evening watching it being creatively destroyed by highly-skilled professionals!”

The award-winning show is a series of nostalgic scenes that explore conflict, lost love and quaint afternoon tea.

The show’s artistic director and world renowned juggler, Sean Gandini, said: “Smashed is a freed composition, with British humour, where we laugh but take on as much tradition as contemporary jugglers who take themselves very seriously!”

Having performed over 4,500 shows in 40 countries, Gandini Juggling are accustomed to radical performances.

The dance company was formed in 1992 by Sean and champion rhythmic gymnast Kati Ylä-Hokkala.

Gandini said: “The company’s reputation in the arts world is better now than it has ever been.

“Together with Kati, our ambition was always to challenge preconceptions about the nature of juggling and we feel that it is slowly happening,” added Gandini.

Smashed will be performed on Sunday 7 December, 2014 at The Quays Theatre, Salford.

The Lowry is requesting all donations to be left as soon as possible at the stage door.

If you’re prepared to watch your tea set get smashed, contact Steve McEachran via [email protected].

Image courtesy of Gandini Juggling via Vimeo, with thanks 

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