Singer Fink to perform in Manchester just one month after releasing new album Bloom Innocent

DJ and singer-songwriter Fink will premier his gravity-defying new album when he entertains fans at the O2 Ritz in Manchester on Sunday.

The concert – which will be a part of the artist’s ‘All Give Tour’ – will showcase tracks from his new record Bloom Innocent, which was released just last month.

Fink has decades of experience under his belt and is known for taking an introspective, exploratory tone on his music.

Speaking about the title track on the new album, he revealed: “I wanted to write a piece that was about a moment in my life where I wanted to be, not this guy, but that guy from a few years back.

“I wanted to see again the look in my partner’s face that we had in the early days – innocence and beauty and not tied down with life’s bullshit.”

There is a deep sense of reflection and exploration in Fink’s music, as though he wants to take us with him on a voyage to an unknown place.

He explained: “It’s not just about guitar, bass, drums and keys. It’s about creating an atmosphere.”

Fink, the pseudonym of Fin Greenall, started out as a DJ and producer in the 90s, before making the change to a more acoustic style with his 2006 album Biscuits for Breakfast, to critical acclaim.

Fink has since released a slew of albums and singles, developing an acoustic style which displays his songwriting abilities and retains echoes of his earlier, more electronic work.

The artist has also worked with many household names, including John Legend and Amy Winehouse, and his music has been featured in films and TV programmes such as 12 Years A Slave, Better Call Saul, and The Walking Dead.

The ‘All Give Tour’ has already hit several US cities before arriving in Manchester and will later head to Europe.

*Fink will play at the O2 Ritz, Manchester on Sunday, November 17. You can buy tickets HERE.

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