Made in Chelsea star Andy Jordan hopes music displays as much flair as his famous nostrils at Manchester gig

Made in Chelsea star Andy Jordan hopes his time strumming with his co-stars will help him fight the nerves as he prepares to drop into Manchester as part of his summer tour.

The 24-year-old first appeared in the hit E4 reality show in 2012 where his relationship with Louise Thompson and hostility between him and fellow ‘boi’ Spencer Matthews formed two of the show’s fieriest storylines. 

Now Andy, famed for his large nostrils, is turning his attention to his music after first debuting some of his work on Made in Chelsea.

Andy told MM: “Yeah I wasn’t particularly happy with my performance on the show. I wasn’t as good performing in front of crowds then. Now I’m less nervous.”

The reality TV star will be playing at the Academy 2 on June 18 as part of his nationwide tour.

With 18 stops on the tour, Andy won’t have time for nerves as he takes to the stage in front of Chelsea fans and fellow musicians alike.

“There’s usually a real mix of Made in Chelsea fans and others, and the core Chelsea fans are lovely to have, but there was a core group of guys at gigs during the last tour,” he said.

“They were other musicians just following for the music which was really refreshing to see.”

His day job sees him work as a broker in London, so he lets out his more sensitive side song-writing, which he says always starts simply with an acoustic guitar.

“I learnt to play the guitar just on holidays in Cornwall, and I’d just make up songs. I’m inspired by a bit of everything, every time I write it’s about something different,” he told MM.

“On the last tour I’d just be strumming on the bus with the guys, and I’d come up with two new songs. Anything can be inspiring.”

Andy counts the likes of Ed Sheeran and genres such as Motown and reggae among his biggest influences but says his own style is just ‘a mix of everything’.

“I’d love to collaborate with the likes of Gabrielle Aplin, we have a similar kind of relaxed style,” Andy said.

“But at the same time I love Avicci, and love what he does with country music. He makes it accessible.

“I really like the idea of bringing two completely different styles of music together. Like house and country music, which have very different structures, could sound really good together”

As far as planning for the future, Andy says he is definitely still committed to Made in Chelsea, something surely to please fans of the show, but that his music is what he would ultimately like to pursue.

“I would love to do this full-time and get signed to a record label,” Andy told MM. “I love to see people singing my songs back to me, it’s great.

“I just have to balance my music with the show, the time commitments can sometimes be tricky but I don’t want to have to choose between one and the other.”

“At the moment I’m just really looking forward to the tour and being in Manchester, I’ve performed here before and the crowd was great so I just hope it’s as good this time.”

 For more information on Andy Jordan’s tour, click here.

Image courtesy of E4, via YouTube, with thanks.

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