Music mega-fan hoping to reform cult Manchester punk band for one-off gig

Cult Manchester punk band Slaughter and the Dogs could be reunited in their original line-up for a one-off gig… if a mega-fan has his way.

Moz Murray, a 50-year-old originally from Wythenshawe, launched a Kickstarter project in the hope of securing enough funding for the rockers to return to the city for a 40th anniversary gig.

The four-piece outfit – who are cited as a major influence by the Smiths and Stone Roses – famously appeared with the Sex Pistols at the Free Trade Hall in 1976, but have not played in their original line-up since Wayne Barrett was replaced as frontman in 1979.

But Barrett made a return with Mick Rossi under the band’s name in 1996, and fans are now being given the chance to reunite the duo with fellow founding members Howard Bates and Brian Grantham for a special Autumn show.

Moz told MM about his obsession with the band, which even lead him to fly out to Canada to watch Wayne and Mick perform in Toronto last year.

“I’m probably the most enthusiastic fan they’ve got and they happen to be my all-time favourite band since being a kid,” he said.

“I’ve known them since school and I’m a personal friend, as well as being a massive fan.

“Since the year 2000, I’ve always encouraged Mick and Wayne to get back in their original line-up – even for just one gig.

“I’ve been fighting to get them back all these years and I’ve been negotiating with them individually to try and encourage them to do it – now it might be possible.”

There are many costs involved in putting the show on, with band members living abroad in the USA and France respectively.

Moz is aiming to secure a funding target of £17,000 to cover extensive outlays such as flights, hotel accommodation, venue hire, rehearsal time, advertising and merchandise.

“I don’t have the backing finances of a promoter, so I’m doing it all from the ground upwards and used Kickstarter to generate interest amongst the fans,” he said.

“It’s a one-off event – it’s not going to happen again.”

Slaughter and the Dogs are renowned for their classic album Do It Dog Style and records such as Cranked Up Really High and Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone that feature in the top 50 punk songs of all time.

Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown famously walked into Factory Records with a record from the band under his arm and handed it to record producers, saying that he wanted his band to sound like them.

Lead guitarist John Squire and bassist Mani have also been spotted at previous events the band have put on and could make an appearance. 

So far, just over £3,000 has been raised, but no money will be received if the £17,000 goal isn’t reached within 28 days.

Pledgers have the chance to receive rewards in the form of a ticket for the gig, a live DVD of the gig and limited edition gig T-shirt.

Moz described the band as being better than the Sex Pistols and was hopeful of securing the full funding amount.

“Slaughter and the Dogs were far better than the Sex Pistols,” he said.

“The Pistols were a manufactured band and weren’t mates who grew up in school, doing typical things that scallies would do.

“Slaughter and the Dogs grew up together and crafted what they did as four mates, not four individuals brought together purely for the purpose of selling a product.

“Whether the gig goes ahead is all down to numbers and I hope we can get the desired response.”

You can contribute to Moz’s Kickstarter fund by clicking here. 

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