Win Jaguar F-Type convertible for same price as Indonesian cup of coffee with Ladbrokes competition

Living in Manchester today, £50 won’t get you very far, but have you ever wondered what that amount will get you in exotic countries such as Indonesia or Vietnam?

In Indonesia, £50 might only go as far as a cup of coffee – the world’s most expensive in fact. The Kopi Luwak is made from excretion from a weasel-like creature, the civet.

If you want to get more for your money, you can enjoy around 150 pints of beer in Vietnam for £50. That’s about 33p each… but you’ve got to pay for the flight to get there first!

So how much can £50 get you of a Jaguar F-Type? A boot lid for a Jaguar S-Type was discovered for just under £50 on an auction site. Hardly going to enjoy putting your foot down in this though. 

So instead, Ladbrokes are running a competition to celebrate the launch of their new casino site – and offering the chance to get your hands on a Jaguar F-Type to go along with it.

To enter you simply need to register with them, or log on, to receive your first free ticket to the prize draw.

You’re not only limited to one entry though, for every £50 spent on eligible games you can earn another ticket.

For full terms and conditions visit the Ladbrokes site.

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