‘Music is all that matters’: Legends The Stone Roses paid tribute to in Rochdale show

The sound of legendary Manchester band The Stone Roses is all set for Rochdale on Saturday night, with tribute set to be paid to both them and the city’s other music gods.

Ratcliffe Bars will play host to the classic Manchester music night ‘Ready for the Roses’, which will feature live DJ’s and an acoustic tribute artist, Ant Sorah.

Dave Sweetmore is one of the DJ’s alongside Clint Boon of the Inspiral Carpets, and he can’t wait to celebrate Manchester’s great music scene, epitomised by The Stone Roses.

“Manchester always had a good music scene, I think we’re just a city that cares about music,” Dave said.

“Not only that, when a band does make it we support them. The Courteeners recently are a great example of that, everyone in Manchester is right behind them.

“When people think of Manchester they think of Stone Roses and Oasis, but right back to the 1960s there was The Hollies and Herman’s Hermits.

“It was Oasis that really that changed my life.

“When they came out and released Definitely Maybe they started name checking a lot of 60s bands.

“It was just that era, I went to high school from 1989-94, so I was in the middle of it.

“It was pretty much all that mattered to me then and all that matters to me now.”

The Stone Roses will be the focus of their upcoming night, amid growing excitement that the band are currently recording a new album – their first since 1994’s The Second Coming.

And after their heroics at Heaton Park two years ago, Dave is excited about the band’s future.

“It was unbelievable, because there was all these people that honestly thought it would never happen,” the full-time DJ said.

“Until they walked on stage you couldn’t believe it was true.

“They were one of those bands that you just thought would never get back together, and the fact they did was special.

“I think they need to bring out music because I think they can only do so much with two albums.

“I’d look forward to hearing it, realistically any music that Ian Brown and John Squire have ever wrote together has been good.

“Both the albums were amazing, and stuff that John Squire and Ian Brown have done on their own since has still been good.

“But to be honest after all this time I don’t think they’re going to risk putting anything average out.”

That doubt may prove unfounded, with Noel Gallagher recently revealing that the Roses have been back in the studio.

Regardless, Dave believes the people of Rochdale are in for a night to remember after his gig, after hosting a similar night with Clint last year.

“Rochdale doesn’t really have anything like this, so when we do it it’s always special,” the 37-year-old Mancunian said.

“It was packed out last year and it was just people who appreciate Manchester music that came to have a good time.

“If it’s half as good as last year it’ll be amazing. It’s just good to hear some great local music.”

As part of ‘Ready for the Roses’ live Manchester music will be provided by Ant Sorah, who will perform an acoustic Stone Roses set.

The musician has been preforming for years, but as an avid Stone Roses fan, feels nervous ahead of tackling their classic catalogue.

“I started playing about 20 years ago,” he said.

“I got a guitar in 1994 when all the Oasis era started, and then I just played at home for years and years.

“I joined a band about 10 years ago, doing the pubs and clubs, then I started another cover band doing the same sort of something and then they split up in 2012.

“Since then I’ve just been doing solo acoustic stuff.

“It’ll be a good laugh, it’s going to be busy, it’ll be a bit nerve wracking it being just me, but I’m looking forward to it.

“It’ll just be a massive Stone Roses fan on stage enjoying the night, hoping everyone else will to!”

‘Ready for the Roses’ takes place Saturday April 16 at Ratcliffe Bars, Rochdale, with doors opening at 7pm.

Tickets are available on the door for £8.

Image courtesy of Alfio66, via Wikipedia, with thanks

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