MM’s top five horror flicks to scare yourself silly this Halloween

Halloween is finally here! While we may not be able to go trick-or-treating this year, at least we can still scare ourselves stupid with some horror films. 

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly feature or a gory slasher flick, here’s our pick of the best films to watch this Halloween. 


A true-crime writer moves his family into a new house where he discovers an old box of Super-8 snuff films in the attic. This haunted house horror will give you nightmares for days. Hereditary – Heralded as the scariest movie of 2018, Hereditary will shock you from the very beginning. When a secretive grandmother dies, the family starts to unravel, as the truth about their ancestry comes to light. 


Starring big names such as Drew Barrymore and Courtney Cox, Scream is a slasher movie that brings just as much wit and humour to the screen, as it does blood and guts. 

Hotel Transylvania 

A family favourite, this film is perfect for those with little ones who want to join in with the Halloween festivities. Dracula runs a successful hotel for monsters, but his world gets turned upside down when his daughter falls in love with a human.


A Stephen King classic, this film is steeped in 80’s nostalgia and is reminiscent of Stranger Things. A group of misfits must band together to defeat a nightmarish clown haunting their town. You’ll want to stay away from the circus after this one. 

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