Record Store Day… the vinyl countdown: Manchester indie shops in a spin for ‘much-needed shot in the arm’

Manchester’s independent record stores will be rocking and rolling on Record Store Day with a range of events for passionate music lovers.

The Saturday April 19 celebration is the one day of the year that all of the independently-owned record stores turn up the volume and celebrate all forms music with a range of artists and musical impresarios.

Events to be held during the day include: performances, meet & greets with artists, DJ’s, in-store quizzes and much more.

Piccadilly Records shop assistant Andy McQueen, 48, told MM that this is the store’s most important day of the year.

Andy moved to Manchester from the Wirral nearly 20 years ago ‘for the music’ considers himself an honorary Mancunian.

Andy, who is a passionate supporter of music and the independent record scene, said:

“Record Store Day has been a much-needed shot in the arm for all independent record retailers.

“It is very good for sales but, more romantically, the independent stores brought music back to life and made people realise the importance of records and music.”

Andy indicated that many people are now more and more interested in having a physical copy of their music rather than just downloading tracks – something tangible they can feel, smell and show to others.

He added that many of their customers, who care deeply about music, are very committed to supporting independent records stores as they offer so much more than big retailers.

“Our customers come into the shop to talk to the staff, to share music, to meet people and perhaps be introduced to something new.

“They are expert music people – passionate and diehard – many of our customers visit the store several times a week.”

There are a number of Manchester stores participating in Record Store Day, including Piccadilly Records, Eastern Bloc Records, Beatin’ Rhythm and Clampdown Records and they will all be offering unique listing especially for the day.

As well as having a huge amount of limited edition vinyl and CDs on offer, Piccadilly Record Stores will also be hosting some special instore activity – with labels and artists DJing throughout the afternoon and ending with an exclusive live set from the Smoke Fairies.

At Eastern Bloc Records, DJs and music will be played on their specially-installed sound system with the added bonus of food and drink on offer as well as a barbeque.

Piccadilly Records have also once again teamed up with Common bar on Edge Street to provide a live event involving bands, disc jockeys and refreshments.

Record Store Day started in the USA in 2007 when over 700 independent stores began to work together to celebrate their unique music retail culture.

The UK stores became involved and the events on April 19 will be the sixth annual celebration of the UK’s unique independent sector.

For a full listing of the events, visit Piccadilly Records and Eastern Bloc Records

Image courtesy of Peter Organisciak with thanks

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