How accessible is the immersive Gamebox for the visually impaired?

The Immersive Gamebox in the Arndale is an interactive video game attraction where you use headsets to navigate your way through different games and as a person with visual impairment, I wanted to see how accessible it was.

They have 15 games to choose from all catered to different ages and they range from 30-60 minutes.

I chose ‘Temple of Coins’, a 30-minute two player game where you have to collect coins from a maze, enter them into a chest before the timer runs out and collect more coins than your teammate.

The games are all projected on the walls of the room, this made it very easy to see and navigate for me as someone with a visual impairment.

The games are navigated by a headset you wear and the game is sensored through movement, I found no issues with this and found it to be easy to understand.

The game itself was highly enjoyable and competitive and I didn’t run into any accessibility issues and overall found it to be a good experience and would highly recommend for a fun day out.

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