MM chats to a Manchester-based musician about lockdown challenges

Lockdown has caused massive disruption for music artists in the UK, as recording studios closed across the country, gigs were cancelled and networking events were postponed indefinitely.

Marcus Connolly, a 22-year-old artist living in Manchester, has found ways to work around the difficulties.

Connolly is due to release his second mix-tape ‘Fresh Hell’ this year.

He has been producing and releasing music since 2018, with songs such as ‘Naughty’, ‘Spark Up’ and ‘Sting!’ proving particularly popular with his fans.

He spoke to Mancunian Matters’ Ben Thompson about how he created content during the lockdown, and how he worked around making a music video: : “I released three songs in lockdown, and it brought me and my listeners together.”

To learn more about Marcus Connolly’s music, visit https://www.thisismarcusconnolly.com/.

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