‘If you’re not judged, you won’t make any change’: Little Mix support act Lina on LGBT beliefs + dreaming big

“I won’t pick sides, I won’t pick sides, but I love the football scene in Manchester. I’ll be both, blue and red! I can’t wait to get there and perform!” says Little Mix’s opening act Lina.

Coming from one of the most conflicted areas in the world, American Israeli-Palestinian songstress and winner of The Voice 2013, Lina, supports Little Mix during their current Glory Days Tour around the UK.

Lina plays Manchester Arena this Friday before returning on November 21/22 as part of an action-packed 37-date UK tour.

For those less familiar with the singer, she is the first Palestinian singer to win a major TV show in Israel by public vote.

Her musical talent has won her favour among the likes of Will Smith and Alicia Keys, and the promising singer has already performed alongside Queen and Adam Lambert.

Speaking to MM, Lina describes the first night of the Glory Days tour.

“Amazing. I sat on stage, all the lights were off, and I wondered if there was anybody actually out there, but when I started to play the piano and sing, the crowd reacted and it was amazing!

“You could feel the love from them.”

The singer released her new single, I Wore it Better, during the first week of the tour. She co-wrote the lyrics, saying how her songs aren’t always based on real life happenings, but from her own imagination.

“I love what it stands for, I love the idea of taking something so simple, as a sweater, and giving it such a powerful meaning.”

As a young girl, the singer would watch TV programs which promoted self-belief. She takes a firm stance in dreaming big and setting out to do what you want.

“I just wish that every girl would have the opportunity and the powers to believe.

“Sometimes the place you come from won’t let you do what you want to do.

“I believe barriers shouldn’t exist, physical nor mental barriers. We should just break them and live the way we want to live!” she added, Lina herself coming from a background with political hardships thus giving her an understanding of the obstacles it takes to make it big.

Winning the public vote in Israel as a 19-year-old female, Lina provided hope to everyone back home that peace would eventually come, and come from the people.

Not shying away from any authority, the singer went on to performance at Barcelona Pride and Tel Aviv Pride, where she was the first Palestinian Arab to support Gay Pride.

“I was judged, a little bit, but if you’re not judged, you won’t make any change.

“Being the first Arab singer to publicly support the LGBT community is a very big deal. I believe in equal rights and I believe that we should look at people as people.

“We should judge people by actions, not by feelings or beliefs or whatever.”

Lina continued to speak about the tour, saying that Little Mix have been idols of hers for a very long time and that it is a privilege to be working on the same stage as them.

Using the power and confidence within herself, Lina radiates a positivity through her performances, being a voice and inspiration for the younger generation.

Image courtesy of Lina Official, with thanks.

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