Manchester band Aphelion look to Kickstart-er their career with fan-funded EP

A Manchester metal band are appealing to fans to help them realise a dream and record their first ever EP.

Aphelion, a band of seven students from the city’s BIMM music school, have taken to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to raise £750 to turn that dream into a reality.

The progressive metal core outfit, which include lead singers Matthew Whatley and Alexandra Angelini, are all studying professional musicianship at BIMM and need to cash to pay for studio hire, mixing, mastering and producing the CD.

And once the EP is in the can, the band want to spread their wings a little.

Bassist Jordon Lambourne  told MM: “After the EP has been released we’d very much like to branch out of Manchester and play some shows in further cities, such as Liverpool, Sheffield, Birmingham. 

“Also, we’d like to potentially line ourselves up for some festivals next year, maybe late this year.”

So far just five donors have come forward to pledge £50 towards the £750 needed but the band, whose influences include Tesseract, Good Tiger and Architects, are hopeful others will come to the rescue.

Over social media they have assured their fans of their abilities to put on a good show: “We promise to bring a tidal wave of sound with every performance.

“Along with combination of eccentric rhythms and fascinating melodies, we guarantee to give an energetic and powerful show.”

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, anyone who does pledge will be able to unlock different rewards including copies of the EP, special posters and even access to lyrics and tabs.

And if they raise more than the required amount, the band have pledge to put it to good use by producing music videos, a Q+A or even internet lessons for people wanting to learn the tunes.

Jordan said:  “We just intend to spread our music to the people that are willing to listen and give something back to the people that helped us create our EP and allow us to do what we love to do.”

Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites work on the basis that backers pledge a certain amount of money – in exchange for rewards – and only if the target is met does the donor cough up the cash.

If the target isn’t met then no money is taken.

To help Aphelion raise the money they need click here.

Image courtesy of Aphelion via Facebook, with thanks.

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