Manchester filmmaker needs your help to fly his ‘no fluff’ indie travel show to Italy

A Manchester filmmaker is hoping to take his indie travel show Glimpsed to Italy with the help of the public.

Josh Marshall, 23, from Stockport is currently crowd funding on GoFundMe to raise money for a third series of his guerilla film project.

The young filmmaker hopes to raise £5,000 for the one-man show which has seen him take on the USA, Spain and Amsterdam.

As an independent film project, Joshua organically seeks to discover cultural aspects that make a country unique, and Italy is the next stop on his expedition.

Josh told MM: “Italy is a place I have always wanted to go to – it is the seat of culture.

“It is home to the Vatican, and has its roots in Ancient Rome and the Renaissance.”

As a solo filmmaker, Josh presents, films, interviews, edits, all whilst on the move with equipment on his back.  

The idea for Glimpsed came to him whilst in his bedroom back in 2013, but Josh admitted that finding funding for projects of this nature is extremely difficult.

He said: “It is exceptionally hard to find funding, that’s what I am giving GoFundMe a try.

“The first project I funded myself, and the second in Amsterdam was a TV pilot which unfortunately didn’t get picked up.

“You have to do a lot of hoop jumping, especially as people don’t want to hand out money for projects like this.”

Josh expressed a desire for more people to get involved with his projects, and believed GoFundMe was the perfect platform for future investment.

If the money is raised, a series of 10 to 20 episodes, each ten minutes long, will explore Italy’s rich culture in a way that is ‘honest, fun and most of all unbiased.’

Glimpsed is just me with a camera. It’s not pre-made. I try to make bite-size episodes about a specific part of culture,” Josh said.

“It’s me on the ground finding cultural nuances. No fluff.”

Josh hopes to delve into Italy’s cuisine of pizza, pesto and olives, discover the truth about Roman history, and take a look at the Renaissance and figures like Leonardo Da Vinci.

He has a wealth of experience for such a young filmmaker, having presented and researched for LancashireONE, RTE and ITV, to name a few, before creating his cult television show.

Glimpsed caught the attention of America’s Fox News and will hopefully harness more followers as it continues to grow and expand.

You can donate to Josh’s Gofundme project by clicking here

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