Craps, the weirdest casino game of all

We can all admit that Craps is a weird game.

In fact, it’s got a pretty weird name for a game, but we’re not going to go down the toilet humour route because otherwise, we’d be here all day. But in all honesty, it is an odd name, though, isn’t it? 

Games like blackjack and roulette are famous games, and everybody’s either played them or at least heard of them.

Yet somehow, craps still keeps coming up, whether it’s depicted in films or TV, or being one of the most popular tables in any US casino. So, there’s something about it, a perfect way to have fun and be entertained

Know your craps 

One of the reasons craps is so fun and popular is because it’s perhaps the most thrilling game.

You don’t have to hold poker faces, wait on other players to reveal their cards – basically, it’s a high-octane game with not a lot of waiting around.

Perfect for those who want excitement. Or are impatient. 

Either way, the game is played across a special table, very different to the ones you see on other table games.

There are two dice, and you need to bet on the combination of the dice will be each time they’re rolled. 

It sounds pretty simple, and you can see why it’s quick and easy to play.

That, and the fact there’s no skill or strategy to play – it all comes down to luck. 

If you ever go to a craps table in Vegas (it’s unlikely you’ll find one in a Manchester casino), you’ll notice the hustle and bustle of players standing around, giddy with excitement.

But you don’t just bet on the outcome of the dice; there’s a bit more to understand, too, especially if you want to get in on the action and start whooping and hollering along with the rest of them. 

  • Placing bets on the table – you get better odds by betting on the outside 
  • The stick is used to bring in the dice, and only the stickperson can grab the dice – you wait until you’ve been given them 
  • The puck – has ‘on’ and ‘off’ written on either side. It starts on the off position and will be turned on after a point has been established. 

Now that’s just the basic items on the table. 

There are also the people involved. As well as players and glamorous ladies to kiss the dice (oh, that only happens in the old films), there’s a whole team dedicated to giving you good craps.

That includes: 

The boxperson – they stand in the centre of the table, casting a watchful eye over the bets. They verify any bets and basically control the game. 

The stickperson – you can probably guess what they do. Yup, they use their fancy curved stick to retrieve the dice and call out the outcome of each roll. 

The dealers – standing on each side of the boxperson, like minions, they’re in charge of handling money and chips. You go to them to exchange cash for chips and for collecting any winning bets. 

The shooter – this is the main role of the game for you players. Each player at the table gets a turn to be the shooter as long as you’ve got an active pass. You roll the dice for the whole table, while others can still place bets. After you’ve had a go, the role of shooter moves clockwise around the table. 

The fun of craps 

So now you know how to play and who’s involved, you can see why it’s so weirdly entertaining. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t generate the same buzz here in Blighty.

For instance, we’re all used to games like blackjack and roulette, the ones you’d find on a typical UK site, but even playing craps online can be fun. 

There’s just something about the thrill of the game. The fast pace.

The number of players. It is like how you see in the movies – head to a land-based casino that has a craps table, and you’ll see that it’s one of the most popular.

Even online craps can be more exciting than the other games due to its frenetic nature.

Bring on the real-time live dealer games, and you can get that buzz without having to leave your home. It’s just a shame that the game has to be called ‘craps’. 

So, what will you do now? Are you going to try out the traditional table games that you know and love?

Or, and it’s weird that we’re saying this, but will you give craps a chance? Go on; you know you want to. 

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