Lights, camera, curry: Rusholme next on menu for Stockport filmmaker after slick Northern Quarter video

The filmmaker behind a slick love letter to Manchester’s Northern Quarter has revealed that the city’s famous Curry Mile could be his next target – if he opts to make a sequel.

Charlie Watts’ three-minute feature The Quarter featured on MM on August 13 after it notched 2,000 views since the 24-year-old posted the video back in June.

And the Salford University graduate insists that he will avoid taking his camera to the heart of the city and Piccadilly Gardens in favour of Rusholme’s hotspot for Indian cuisine.

“I’d like to one in the evening when people are coming out of clubs and are more boozy,” said Charlie.

“If I was doing something again, I’d go back to the Northern Quarter at three or four in the morning. I’d like to go to the Curry Mile too. It would look great with all the fluorescent lights.”

The bright lights of the city’s iconic food centre are not the only thing that attracted Charlie to the Curry Mile and the Northern Quarter – it’s the oddballs too.

The Quarter from charlie watts on Vimeo.

Charlie recalled a ‘local celebrity’ who confronted him while filming and suggested that ‘he would get a lot of hits if he put him in the film’ but recalled that the man didn’t make the final cut as ‘he may have had one or two Stellas’.

A fellow Mancunian who missed out on small screen stardom was a woman who ‘did a little dance’ for Charlie as he filmed people with a long lense over two-days earlier in the summer.

The film focuses on a number of iconic landmarks of the Northern Quarter and the Stockport camera whiz also captured the essence of the area’s bustling café’s and bars as they baked in the summer sun.

Even attracting the attention of a film festival, Charlie showcased his work along with other recent university graduates at the Chester Film Co-op last week.

The festival is part of the RE:NEW project to develop and transform the Grade 2 listed Odeon building into a new cultural centre.

The screening has helped to continue the film’s meteoric rise as plays have now soared past 4,500.

“It’s just exploded,” said Charlie, “but I never really made it for that.”

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