Rolling brick the years: Big kids to get hands on Legoland’s toy box for one night only at adult event

Lego is usually seen as just for children – but big kids are being handed the chance to build away with Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester’s adult’s night.

For one night, the adults get the place to themselves and will be able to marvel at iconic Manchester landmarks like Old Trafford, Piccadilly Station and the Town Hall all immortalised in miniature bricks.

The September 3 event is exclusively for children at heart with fan groups Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL) and The Brickish Association set to flock to the city to get their hands on the ultimate Lego toy box.

Legoland’s Master Model Builder Alex Bidolak told Brick Fanatics last year that Lego is just as appealing for adults as well as kids and said: “Personally, I think the reason Lego has stood the test of time is all down to the Clutch-Power system of building.

“Clutch-Power is the name and term given to the force which holds the Lego bricks connected together but the bricks are also easy enough for anyone to pull apart.

“The fact you can stack and connect the different elements together in lots of interlocking combinations and formations makes it universally popular all over the world.”

With a successful trial event earning rave reviews earlier this year, adults are being handed the chance to break the regular rules of no admission unless accompanied by a child.

The fans will be able to visit the famous Miniland, which is made up of nearly 1.5 million LEGO bricks.

With many Manchester sights in the Miniland, such as Town Hall, the Trafford Centre, Manchester United, Manchester City, Piccadilly Station and Metrolink trams, organisers have laid down the challenge for brick fanatics to spot them all.

LITTLE AND LARGE: Old Trafford is among the landmarks reproduced in Lego (©Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester via YouTube with thanks)

Lego has many celebrity fans none other than David Beckham after the ex-footballing mega star told Entertainment Wise back in February that he finds the toy very ‘therapeutic’.

During the two-hour event, which kicks-off at 7pm, Lego fans can expect to have a whole host of games, prizes, building competitions plus lots more.

A spokesperson from Lego has also revealed that they will be running a competition to win a special set – by guessing how many bricks are in a unique buildthat they are constructing for the night.

Furthermore at the event fans are encouraged to suggest future adult events to Alex .

Alex will also be available to answer any questions that the fans have for him in the Party Room and will also be talking about new and upcoming Lego books, sets and exhibitions.

The top builder is also the subject of Legoland’s #IWantToBuild summer competition, where fans can win a chance to make their dream object out of the pay.

Lego lovers are being asked to create a handmade sign which reads #IWantToBuild, take a photograph in front to their chosen object with the sign and upload it on Facebook or Twitter.

Alex said: “It’s time to get creative this summer. If you’ve ever wanted to work with a real expert and build your favourite bridge, aeroplane or car in Lego then this is your chance.

“We’re looking for unusual items to create. Lego is so versatile, I’ve built everything from a dinosaur to the Coronation Street set. Get your thinking caps on and upload your ideas.”

And some of the biggest brick fans in the region have already submitted their dream plans.

And the Danish toy’s brush with Hollywood has inspired more adults to delve back into their forgotten toy boxes.

The Lego Movie was the highest earner at the box office for three weeks in a row finally grossing £47million and has revitalised the children’s favourite’s appeal.

And a representative of Lego confirmed to MM that ‘The Lego Movie has increased interest in the event’.

And just like the film, the event promises a brick-tastic time!

Entrants must be aged 16 or over and tickets are available on the night.

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